My apartment

Many people have commented on my kitchen already, so here's the rest of my apartment. :)

I live in a small studio apartment near campus, so small that when you open the door, basically you see all the way to the end, where the bed is. But one advantage of that is that it's easy to vacuum!

My street

That's my block! My apartment faces the main road.
Yeah, it's very noisy with the traffic, especially when the emergency vehicles screech by.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a corner unit, so I only have a small window strip, and the room is always dark. I guess one drawback of a studio is that the fridge is waaay too accessible!



At least I have a rather nice view. The window faces a stand of pine trees. No birdy-like organisms flitting about yet!

I'm growing chili on my windowsill!


Applecow said…
Wow. It sure looks super cozy!
Fried Tempeh said…
WAH LOOK SO NICE~!!!! Looks better than mine and looks so cosy!!!! I WANNNTT.... If I had a choice, I would like my house to just be like that... hahaha... small and cosy... dunneed clean so much and dunneed walk so far to reach for things hahaha so lazy.... I like ur place v nice indeed! And I bet it's cheaper than my place here... am paying like 68pds for a week here... gargh!
bluebabe said…
For one person I guess it's just nice. When eric was here, things got a little cramped, ha! Yeah, rental is a little cheaper here, I'm paying US$475 a month for this place. It's even cheaper to share with roommates, but I need my own bathroom! Haha!

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