Bio Fall Picnic

The Bio and Marine Bio Dept at UNCW hosted a Fall Picnic today at Hugh McRae Park. Free-flow of burgers, hotdogs, desserts and side dishes... What's not to like?

Dr Scharf, Bill and Ann, and chef du jour Dr Lankford

Queuing up to get the delicious burgers!
The lady on the left is Tracie Chadwick, the department's graduate secretary,
and a great help to all of us!

CMS folks (from right): Steve, my labmate, Mike, Joanna and Adrienne.
Cassie's at the back! She's in my pop ecology class.

When I was considering coming home, realised that it probably wasn't such a good idea to park so far from the main road! Now I had to navigate through pine trees and cars in the darkness. Thankfully (phew!), Susanna offered to drive my car out to the main road, haha! And I made it home in one piece (plus managed to tarpau one bottle of Sam Adams!)


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