Wild Wilmington

Was driving home from the Center for Marine Science and saw 3 deers (a small family?) crossing the road! Wow! Wild animals, haha, suaku me. In the first week of walking to campus also spotted a small mammal (a raccoon?) darting across my path and into the woody area.

Okay, so it's nothing like seeing zebras and giraffes graze by the roadside in East Africa, but it's still pretty exciting to me!


Applecow said…
EEEK! so fun! I want to see wild animals scurrying around in my backyard too!
Papa Jeff said…
Well, be careful ... I've heard that deer have killed people, especially during rutting season, or when they are cornered.

Nice to have wildlife roaming in your backyard though, unlike the "wildlife" we get on our streets.

Heh ... Jeff
Fried Tempeh said…
WOWOWOWOWOWOW I WANNA SEE!! I only got MAGPIES (yes I have identified them) FAT MAGPIES (I feel like making PIES out of them) outside my house. They perch on chimneys and trees.... and yeah the bunnies... that's it. Haven't seen any other wild animals so far...
Applecow said…
i saw a squirrel today. It was running on upstairs along the railing in the stairwell outside our lab.
Irene Arboleda said…
i know how it feels...same here in Canada, like seeing squirrels outside my window pane, simply awesome!

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