Poo-ey, am I out of shape or what?

Did my dive checkout today at the UNCW swimming pool, so that I can be a certified scientific research diver. After my written test (which I passed, phew), had to:

1. Swim 400 yards
2. Swim ~10m on a single breath
3. Tread water for 2min with hands out of water, or 10min using hands
4. Complete a diving checkout, including mask clearance, regulator and BCD removal and replacement, buddy breathing, and rescue an unconscious diver, plus emergency breathing on surface while towing.

Arghhh...I can't tread water for nuts!!! Was going to try the 2min one but had to give up after 1min 30s, boohoo.... so close....but was gonna go under if I didn't use my hands already. Man...those were 10 looooong minutes! And I was so tired after the treading that I couldn't push myself onto the pool deck and had to use the stairs. Aiyoh, so jialak....

The gear was pretty cool! Instead of a Scubapro AirII system, the inflator hose had the usual connection with the BC, with the octopus attached to it! So minus one hose, and compatible with most of the BCDs on the market. Cool eh? I want one like that too!!

Surprisingly, I used a XS BCD today and it fit just nicely...Geezz...I wonder what Dionne, Abby, Athena would use down here...

Was pretty flat by the time the session ended (and it only lasted one hour...), so no more swimming for me! Went home and took a nice long hot shower...


eric yw lim said…
Sounds like they have quite high tech stuff. XS ? I think dionne and abby will hv to get Kids' size. Out of shape?
U will be alrite when u start exercising more regularly :)
Applecow said…
Or we could just eat more to fit into the XS. Sounds easier!

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